Evolution 101 (25 FREE Lessons Proving Evolution Is False "religion" taught in public schools as "science".) (Evolution is similar  to "fake news" stories.)



Denying Evolution

Evolution = Millions Of Years

+ Your Imagination


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Harbour Light Radio features 24/7 streaming of Christian Radio and 5 conservative talk radio stations: WORD | Alex Jones/Info Wars | KJCE | KMBC | KNSS


Harbour Light Radio

   Conservative Talk Radio Via


CONSERVATIVE RADIO CHANNEL (12,531 Subscribers as of 03/30/2017)

(Private Channel Free)  (Enter Vanity Access Code MGSVYY)

It features:  Ambient music, Classical music, Hymns radio, Christian programs, Ronald Reagan, pod casts and WORD talk radio.

There are many reasons to listen to conservative talk radio. The main reason is you will hear a detailed explanation of the latest national and local news that is not obtained from a CIA FAKE story fantasy world. If you only listen to the "state run media" such as cnn,nbc,cbc,pbs,abc, (fox news not fair or balanced) and various other outlets of rabid liberal spin you would be politically correct and ignorant, lacking knowledge, information, and awareness about the "real" world.

Become aware of how corrupt the state run CIA FAKE media, congress, state/ local government and the regime are.

Remember the cable news channels and state run media want you to react to their sound bytes or edited news in an emotional manner without thinking the story through. These leeches thrive on causing you to have knee jerk reactions to their propaganda. Don't listen or watch without looking for the facts that are ALLWAYS covered up.

If you only listen to your "local" tv stations you see a constant barrage of murder/robbery/auto accident stories that are "entertaining" and a sad commentary of what most people watch and talk about. Its like bread and circuses.  (Most local "news" outlets just parrot the news.)

Read my NEW blog, Citizen Journalist (New Blog)  Citizen Journalist

http://www.ParrotNewsReport.com/cj  (This is the New Blog address)

ParrotNewsReport.com (All the news at a glance)


- George Orwell

Citizen Journalist Blog   (Webmaster analysis and comments on the news.)

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Fine Tuned Universe

Fine Tuned Universe Is A New Website And FREE Video ROKU Channel.

11,134 Subscribers As Of 03/30/2017

FineTunedUniverse.com     Gen1.org

There are the fundamental constants and quantities of the universe.

Scientists have come to the shocking realization that each of these numbers have been carefully dialed to an astonishingly precise value - a value that falls within an exceedingly narrow, life-permitting range. If any one of these numbers were altered by even a hair's breadth, no physical, interactive life of any kind could exist anywhere.

There'd be no stars, no life, no planets, no chemistry.

Consider gravity, for example. The force of gravity is determined by the gravitational constant. If this constant varied by just one in 10^60 parts, none of us would exist.

Or, another example of fine-tuning: If the mass and energy of the early universe were not evenly distributed to an incomprehensible precision of 1 part in 10^10^123, (note that that is 10 to the power of 10 to the 123rd power!) ... the universe would be hostile to life of any kind.

The fact is our universe permits physical, interactive life only because these, and many other numbers, have been independently and exquisitely balanced on a razor's edge.


What is the best explanation for this astounding phenomenon? There are three live options.

The fine-tuning of the universe is due to either physical necessity, chance, or design. Which of these options is the most plausible?

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www.FineTunedUniverse.com     www.Gen1.org

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Creation Sermons Is A NEW Free Video Channel On ROKU.

Two Biblical creation sermons/seminar channels one (Audio) and one (Video). Sermons include: What does the Bible say about evolution? Creation or evolution? The Big Bang Never Happened.  What creation reveals. Patterns and purposes of creation. Faith and creation. Introduction to creation. Wearing evolutionary spectacles. Creation and the King James Bible. Creation in 6 days. Fruits of evolutionary thought. Fossils and geology. Creation in 6 literal days. Naturalistic thinking vs scripture truth. The false day age theory. A problem for evolutionists. Learn about creation and God's love for you.

Creation Sermons is a FREE new channel Available now for your ROKU player.

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Bible Stories For Little Ears Channel on ROKU.  (NEW) (AUDIO) (FREE) 

BIBLE STORIES FOR LITTLE EARS. FOR LITTLE PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO READ - BUT DON'T KNOW HOW. 45 audio Bible stories for children. 2-3 minute stories from the new testament. Together with your children listen to KJV bible stories and learn GOD's Word. Includes www.AbidingRadio.com 24/7 Bible stories and beautiful music.

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Satellite Dish Calculator

Calculate how much you are "dishing" out and how much you can save with a ROKU player.

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Message To Israel is a series of 15 min podcasts that A.J. Overton broadcast on the radio. These were powerful messianic messages for jews and gentiles alike.

A Remnant of this series is available on your ROKU streaming player via the Message For Israel Private Channel. It is a FREE ROKU channel.

Message To Israel is a series of 15 min podcasts by A.J. Overton. The purpose of this radio program was to encourage Jews and Gentiles to worship God through faith in the Messiah,and to see them giving a prayerful, and loving witness to others. Message To Israel stopped broadcasting in Feb 2008 but a remnant of these powerful messages are still available. Message To Israel (Isaiah 52-13 To 53-12)

Click this link to add Message To Israel to your ROKU player for FREE

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17,215 Subscribers as of 03/30/2017

Antique Treasures will help you learn how to find that hidden antique or collectible that just may add cash to your life. Special guests add their advice to aid you in finding and selling your hidden treasures from auctions, flea markets, yard sales, auction galleries, attics and garages.

Get educated on buying and selling antiques and collectible items. Learn hints, tips and tricks to buy and sell antiques and collectable items on ebay etc. These programs are a real "gold mine" of information on finding and selling valuable antique and collectable items for the average person.

Knowledge is power so dig into the wealth of FREE information in these videos! Find out how to buy and price jewelry and vintage jewelry. "Know when to hold them and when to fold them". Know when to buy and when to walk away. Its a FREE course on how to compete with the antique "experts". Don't get obsessed, just have some fun and learn how to buy and sell antique and collectable treasures.

AR15 Channel On ROKU (FREE Video Channel)

Information about the "Musket" of our age. (16,247 accounts installed 03/30/17)

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New Video ROKU Channel..... TIPS FOR SURVIVING


Order Tips For Surviving HERE

 Tips For Surviving:Vital info on water purification, survival medicine, canning, victory garden, self reliance, compass use, star navigation, making knots, self defense, reloading ammo, how to use a revolver and rifle, drying fruits and vegetables, making jerky, shelter in place, survival tactics etc.

The TipsForSurviving Channel on ROKU contains  many videos on how to be self reliant when it comes to being informed on how to survive.

Tips For Surviving in the ROKU.com channel store has a wealth of information on how to survive that you need to now. Basic survival information is on demand for your review. Knowledge is power....the power to survive when you need the information most.

Be prepared and learn how to defend yourself viewing various videos on how to use a weapon safely. Learn how to can various foods and make jerky for survival. Be prepared for the future. Learn how to read a compass and the stars. Learn how to purify water.

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Military Chronicle is a new channel in the ROKU channel store at ROKU.com History is preserved in this channel for all to see.

Description: Historical Films, Military Documentaries/Movies. (262) videos comprising A Military Chronicle Of ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE And MARINES. US History Of Combat On Land, Air And At Sea. The US Military As Documented By Military Cameramen. Actual Video Documentation Of War Time Navy, Army, Air Force And Marine Battles Before and After WW2, Into The Korean Era. "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Sir Winston Churchill


Gunsmoke HGWT Radio Channel


Listen to classic gunsmoke and have gun will travel radio on demand. "Gunsmoke...starring William Conrad. The story of the violence that moved west with young America. "Have Gun Will Travel," Paladin is a gentleman gunfighter who travels around the old west working as a mercenary gunfighter. Rewind, pause and listen again to classic adult western radio.

Order Gunsmoke/HGWT Channel Here


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Live audio from railroad scanners. Current scanners pick up analog. 24 Scanner feeds from accross the nation. Vancouver Canada is my favorite. The railroad people talk more on this scanner channel.

Log into your ROKU account and (Enter PRIVATE CODE PKDU5)

ParrotNewsReport.com    Citizen Journalist Blog   (Real News)

(1) Next News Network

(2) WORD Radio (The Upstate's Talk Station)

(3) Breitbart (Real News) (Breitbart will be overtaking foxnews ratings in the near future. Foxnews knows the future and it is Breitbart.com Thats why all of a sudden they are starting to report on Breitbart news articles.)

(4) Drudge Report

(5) Rush Limbaugh.com

(6) World Net Daily (WND.com)

(7) InfoWars.com (Alex Jones)

(8) AnyCalculator.com

(9) ParrotNewsReport.com

(10) ParrotNewsReport.com/CJ   (Citizen Journalist Blog)  (Real News)

The Lone Ranger Channel (FREE) (Audio Channel)


The "Lone Ranger" captures the outlaw "Hillary" known for stealing money from hard working people and serves the cause of justice again. Hi Yo Silver, The Lone Ranger Rides Again!


"A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty Hi-Yo, Silver! The Lone Ranger, with his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early western United States. Nowhere in the pages of history can one find a greater champion of justice. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. From out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Silver! The Lone Ranger rides again!"

(Every time President Trump tweets a message the lone ranger rides again.)

The adventures of the masked man and his partner Tonto. At the beginning of each episode, the magnificent white stallion, Silver, would rear up with the Lone Ranger on his back, then they would dash off, the Ranger encouragingly shouting, "Hi-Yo, Silver!" Tonto could occasionally be heard to urge on his mount by calling out, "Gettem up, Scout!"

The state run national FAKE news media is like the bad guys chasing the modern day Lone Ranger Donald Trump. "Hi-Yo, Silver!" the Lone Ranger Rides Again.

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New private channel: Bible Tract (25,500) (Free)

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Conservative Talk Radio Listening Alternatives

Russ Cassell

Russ Cassell was like the Ronald Reagan of talk radio.............Russ Cassell was the upstate's Paul Revere talk show host........ "Know what you believe and why you believe it." Russ Cassell Quote

Russ Cassell Vignette  (WORD Radio 106.3 FM)

↑ Grab this Headline Animator

Russ Cassell's last broadcast (Hour 4) 10/10/2014 (RUSS DISCUSSES ASSISTED SUICIDE.)

Come To Jesus Hymn  (Listen or Download MP3.)

Russ Cassell Memorial Service 

(Listen to WYRD/WORD Russ & Lisa (The "Lost Podcasts")  WORD/WYRD Russ And Lisa Show Podcasts

The Bob Mclain Show from 3 PM-7 PM is an excellent show to listen to. If you want to be informed listen to this show on www.1063word.com (Institute for Non Politically Correct studies).


Parrot News Report(Page 1)(BREITBART Real News) (Rush Limbaugh Real News)(Next News Network (CJ News/Real News) (DRUDGE, WND, BBC, CNET, NYT, INFOWARS, Foxnews, Reuters)

Sports News (ESPN) (Page 2)(ESPN NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, RPM, Soccer, College Basketball, Football)

Creation News Report (Page 3)(AnswersInGenesis.org)(ICR.org Days Of Praise Daily Devotionals)

Sport Hunting News (Page 4)(Hunting News, Water Fowl, Turkey, Predator, Fishing, Deer, Archery)

Survival News Report (Page 5)(General Survival, Preparedness, Survival Medicine, Survival Topics)

Medical Health Report (Page 6)(Quit Smoking, Allergy, COPD, Lupus, Stroke, Fitness, Nutrition, Asthma)

Sports Odds Report (Page 7)(NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, NCAA Odds And Point Spreads)

Tech Crunch News(Page 8)(Profiles companies, products and events)

Simply Recipes News (Page 9)(Family cooking and food info with hundreds of healthy whole-food recipes)


AnyCalculator.com    (Over 100 FREE Online Calculators)

Bob McLain, www.WORD1063.com, 3-7 PM M-F, is the best SC talk show. He will tell it like it is. He started in Radio in the heyday of Rock and Roll when at 15 he convinced the program director of a top ten market station he should be on the air. His radio career led him to legendary rock stations such as WEAM, Washington ,DC, WTOB, Winston-Salem, N.C., WMCA, New York, KRUX, Phoenix, KROY, Sacramento, WMPS &WHBQ Memphis,WNOE , New Orleans, 13-Q Pittsburgh, WIBG, Philadelphia, WTMA ,Charleston, SC and many others who did not want to be mentioned.

This show is as good or better than many national shows. Don't miss this great talk radio show. Bob has a dialogue with callers and is professional. (REAL NEWS TALK)

Terra in the morning, screeching talk radio, www.WORD1063.com, 6-10 AM M-F WORD Radio. Talk radio that will help wake you up. Its like reading a newspaper. Sometimes the news and comments jewels are up front and sometimes they are buried on page 15 with a lot of other stuff you may not interested in. Its like "rock hunting", if you work hard enough you will find something worthwhile every now and then, some talk show "jewels" of information. "Terra-fying" radio in the morning.


Jennifer Woocheetski WORD Weather Center Meteorologist

Jenny Should be a co-host.


You do not need a degree in journalism to be a journalist. A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information.

I am a Citizen Journalist who distributes REAL news and comments on current REAL news information. I don't need a degree in journalism to do that. Nobody does.

If you want to express yourself as a "citizen journalist" check out these FREE journalism couses online that may enhance your ability to comment on the news.

Journalism Links (FREE online courses)     Poynter's News University

Where Did "Citizen Journalist" Come From?

Visit ParrotNewsReport.com   (Research some of the important news as you have time and your will find talk show hosts and others make mistakes but they don't manufacture FAKE news like the CIA state run national news media.)


Abiding Radio airs classic hymns of the faith and the best of today's conservative, sacred and traditional kids music. They are a listener-supported commercial-free ministry providing Christ honoring beautiful music 24/7.

Abiding Radio Features (5) high quality channels 128bps.

To install Abiding Radio Channel on your ROKU login and enter code  PJM2N.

AbidingRadio.com    (Beautiful music 24/7, no commercials.)

John 3:16

3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Please visit the John 3:16 channel on ROKU. (Free Audio Channel)  This channel features sermons by Dr. John C. Vaughn. These sermons will be a blessing to all who listen and learn.

Enter the vanity access code YYNUM3 to install this free private channel.

Please visit John C. Vaughn Evangelistic Association

Good News Post

CREATION FACTS Channel on ROKU. (Free) (Audio Channel)

Enter the vanity access code RVGBAR to install this free channel.

2 Min Creation Facts

Prov 24:14 So shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul: when thou hast found it, then there shall be a reward, and thy expectation shall not be cut off.

God has acted to create the cosmos ex nihilo in six 24-hour periods in the recent past. A divine design and purpose exists in nature, and this purpose is to point to and glorify the Creator. A universal Noachian flood occurred, which destroyed all life on earth except those saved in the Ark (Noah, his family, and the animals).

Scientific research, like every other human activity, should not only seek to 'think God's thoughts after Him,' but serve to glorify the creating Word of God by being applied to life and society in such a manner that these are conformed to God's design for them.

Cost Of Satellite Dish Calculator


What has our country come to on this Memorial day, 5/ 25/ 2015 when trade agreements are done in secret requiring US senators to sign a non disclosure agreement before they can see what is in the obama UN treaty????

Title 36, U.S.C., Chapter 10
As amended by P.L. 344, 94th Congress
Approved July 7, 1976

S 176. Respect for flag: No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor. (a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

www.Gen1.org is a mirror site of www.FineTunedUniverse.com

www.Gen1.org  (Denying Evolution)


Denying Evolution

Evolution = Millions Of Years

+ Your Imagination

AnyCalculator.com (Over 100 online realtime calculators)

ExactWeather.com (Not exact but close enough)